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On the Subject

Nov 19, 2019

The time has come, the year 2019, the podcast On the Subject. Three podcasters have been searching film franchise and lost each other through time. Now they must discuss Salvation and Genisys in order to get their team back! Join the resistance as we continue our journey through the Terminator film franchise.

Nov 12, 2019

A new Terminator has returned to the past to stop the resitance this time is Model T-X and its female. This episode Logan is gone (RIP) or lost in time? But the OTS crew, Malcolm and Zach discuss what happens when a franchises continues even with out the full support of its creators.
Terminator 3 duh duh dunnn dun

Nov 5, 2019

Over 10 years have passed since the first Terminator tried to kill Sarah Connor and her unborn child John. This attempt failed, now Sarah is locked away in a mental institution while John is just trying to figure out what is going on in his life. But the Terminator will always return and has once more to...

Oct 29, 2019

A Cyborg has been sent from the future on a deadly mission, it has been programmed to kill a young woman named Sarah Connor. BUT We can't let that happen! The year 1984. The movie Terminator. The OTS crew is sent back in time to discuss the epic film franchise THE TERMINATOR!
A seemingly indestructible robot is sent...

Oct 22, 2019

When a horror trilogy becomes a horror quadrilogy and when it spans over 10 years you get Scream 4! Its a new decade with new rules AND a new cast of characters up for murder.
  • With four installments, this landmarks the Scream franchise as being one of the only horror franchises to have both its main characters as...